Our building system consists of a unique, hollow 70x410 mm UPVS panel, 7 Smart Connectors TM (US patent grunted), metal reinforcement ribs, metal doors and aluminum windows.  These individual pieces, when joined together become the “Base Shell” of the housing unit.  The hollow panels in the wall and the roof accommodate the plumbing and electrical wiring with varied cost and energy efficient insulation materials.  At any stage of construction, the wall or roof our PVC panels can be easily and quickly coated with paint, drywall or any other desired siding material.


The vinyl (PVC) panels and profiles require minimal maintenance and carry a 25-year UV resistant guarantee.  Panels are fire retardant and meet international safety regulation code.  Four unskilled people can construct assembly assemble of a 70m2 modular shell home kit in 8 -12 hours.  Our materials are environmentally friendly, recyclable and do not emit CO2 during the building process. 

Data for 1 meter of wall/roof

(panels and connectors)

Compression Strength                                                  14.2 ton/m

Tensile Strength                                                             10.6 ton/m

Moment of Inertia                                                         486.3 cm4/m

Weight                                                                              8.05 kg/m2

Mechanical Properties


Tensile Strength                                              

Tensile Modulus                                               

Flexural (bending) Strength                          

Flexural Modulus                                            

Compression Strength                                    

Impact Resistance (notched Izod)                

Typical Panel Data

Width x depth                                                                 411x70 mm

Cross section                                                                   23.6 cm2

Moment of inertiaI                                                        199.4 cm4

Fire resistance Non-flammable/self-extinguishable

Thermal insulation Up to 2 m2*°C/watt (with added insulation)

Panel WeightG                                                                3.2 kg/m

63840 MPa
6383200 MPa
79068 MPa
7902360 MPa
69560 MPa
256135 J/m

Test Method


Test Method


Dynamic Shells System Material Properties

Physical Properties


Density                                                 ASTM D          7921.49 g/cm3

Thermal Expansion Coefficient      ASTM D          6969x10-5/°C

Shore D Hardness                              ASTM D          224077

Typical wall assembly with "Smart Connector" and steel rib reinforcement
Typical wall assembly showing infrastructure installation

PVC Panel

Smart Connector

Structural Steel Rib

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