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Dynamic Shells Holdings is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in high-quality, low-cost, fast assembly, PVC based housing solutions.  Our products are used for humanitarian and disaster relief, temporary and permanent low-cost housing solutions, expandable modular higher-end housing units as well as commercial building purposes.  Dynamic Shells products are manufactured using the most up-to-date, high quality production materials and QA methods.







Low cost

complete solutions

Extensive and affordable solutions for individuals, organizations and governments in need.
Flexible & Modular Design
Smart and flexible assembly technique enables scalability and design capabilities for a variety of usage and deferent needs.

Weatherproof and

Maintenance Free

Our fully sealed structures built to withstand extreme weather conditions including high winds, heavy rains and snow. The panels are designed to host various types of thermal or acoustic insulation materials. The structures are maintenance & mold free. Our PVC formula repels insects and other rodents and is resistant to most domestic and industrial chemicals . We provide 30 Years UV resistance guaranty.
Fire Retardant

All our PVC parts are fire retardant.

Been tested and classified for fire safety in accordance with the German standard    DIN 4012 Part 1-1981.               (Inflammability grade IV, Smoke density grade 3 and Shape distortion grade 3).

DIY Assembly Kit
Simple to mount and assemble with minimal tools. Professional knowledge or building experience is not required. (LEGO)
Shipping and Storage
Our modular parts enable compact packaging and simple shipping. Due to the lightweight rigid nature of the panels, they are easily stored,  transported and distributed without being damaged or wasted.
Construction Reliability
Dynamic Shells structures are strictly tested and designed according to the international civil engineering standards and for all kinds of live loads and wind gusts. Heavy foundations are not required. Most structures are Earthquake resistance!
Unique Building Technology

We are not only building shads…..various!!!

Our panels serve not only as constructive walls & roof, but also as conductors of electricity, water and vast variety of isolation materials. The panels can be directly coated with readymade wall paint or stucco.

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